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Beijing Semboo Science and Technology Co., Ltd, located in Z-Park, Beijing, with a registration capital of 8.066 million USD, is the world leading high and new-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D of Vibratory stress relieving technology and manufacturing of Vibratory stress relieving equipment. Semboo Technology boasts patent of the present most advanced Vibratory stress relieving technology in the world, patented invention No.:ZL200510092985.6 and its product Harmonic Frequency Spectrum Vibratory Stress Relief has succeeded in dealing with the problem remaining unsolved for decades since the birth of Vibratory stress relieving technology, fully replacing the traditional TSR. Our tech has seen a wide application in tens of national economic manufacturing industries including aviation, aerospace, weaponry, engineering machinery , printing machinery, mining machinery , car industry, mould, machine tool and so on.

In 2007 Semboo Technology gained 8 million USD capital from the famous American investment fund, the Orchid Asia, and it’s the only enterprise in this sector internationally to gain the foreign Venture capital.

Semboo Technology is proud of its Vibratory stress relieving expert team, and long-term cooperation with experts home and abroad in foundry, welding, forging, nonferrous metal material research and so on......



Q: What is vibratory stress relief?
A: It refers to a physical process of dealing with the metal work piece through vibration power strictly controlled ...
Q: How does Vibratory stress relieving work?
A: The micro-analysis shows that Vibratory stress relieving can be taken as an additional stress imposed on the work piece ...
Q: Are there any industry standards for Vibratory stress relieving?
A: JB/T 5926-2005 Mechanical Industry Standard of People's Republic of China
    Vibratory stress relieving Process Parameter Selection and Technical Requirements ...

Casting, forging, weldments, mould, machining parts which are made from carbon structure steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metal

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